Refinancing of employees’ remuneration should be taxed?

Entrepreneurs who received support under Article 15g/15gg of the Anti-crisis Shield may be obliged to pay tax on the additional taxable benefit in the amount of the received funds. According to the authorities refinancing of employees’ remuneration received from the Guaranteed Employee Benefits Fund (FGŚP) should be subject to CIT. According to the approach initially […]

Anti-crisis Shield 7.0 – Additional aid for entrepreneurs available from 1 February 2021

The Regulation of the Council of Ministers of 19 January 2021 on support for economic participants affected by the COVID-19 outrage introduce 4 forms of support for entrepreneurs: (i) job protection benefits, (ii) additional stoppage refund, (iii) one-off subsidy, (iv) exemption from social security contributions. Protection package is addressed to companies operating in the most […]

Extension of deadline for submitting applications for co-financing of employees’ salaries

We would like to inform you that the deadline for submitting applications for the co-financing of employees’ salaries from the Guaranteed Employee Benefits Fund (GEBF) has been extended. The applications may be submitted until the 30th day after the date of the cancellation of the epidemic status. This change was introduced by “Anti-Crisis Shield 5.0” […]

Anti-crisis Shield 4.0 – bad debt relief and the so-called minimum income tax

On June 24, 2020, the so-called anti-crisis Shield 4.0 regulations entered into force introducing to the acts on income taxes i.a. an episodic exemption from the tax on revenues from buildings and shortening the period after which a taxpayer is entitled to take advantage of the so-called bad debt relief. Exemption from tax on revenues from buildings New […]

PFR Financial Shield – time to support Large Enterprises

European Commission has approved the last part of the Polish Financial Shield program for large enterprises and certain medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in connection with COVID-19 outbreak. Application may now be submitted via a form provided by the PFR (Polish Development Fund). Overall budget of PFR Financial Shield Support Scheme for Large Enterprises amounts to approximately PLN […]

Anti-crisis Shield 4.0

The Parliament (Sejm) adopted on 5 June 2020 the so-called Anti-crisis Shield 4.0. The bill is to be voted in the Senate. Below we present the most important assumptions of it. Micro-loan The entrepreneur’s obligation to submit an application for loan remission will be lifted – the district employment agency (PUP) will exempt from this […]

Anti-Crisis Shield 3.0 already in force

The so-called Anti-Crisis Shield 3.0 regulations have entered into force on 16 May 2020. Please find below a summary of the most important changes. SOCIAL SECURITY CONTRIBUTIONS Extension of the exemption – individuals conducting business activity and paying social security contributions will be allowed to benefit from social security contributions’ exemption for April and May […]

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