Poland – VAT grouping

In the agenda of the VAT Committee meeting that took place on 16 November 2020, one of the items discussed was the issue of introducing VAT grouping in Poland precisely described in the Working Papers No. 997 addendum. VAT grouping results from art. 11 of the VAT Directive but has not been implemented in Poland […]

Expert comment of Jarosław Szajkowski, Tax Manager at ASB Poland, in the article by Rzeczpospolita

“The regulations provide two sanctions for errors in the Standard Audit File. Firstly, a PLN 500 penalty for each mistake, as provided for in the VAT Act. Second, a fine for defective records under the Fiscal Penal Code.” Read the full article in Polish by Rzeczpospolita. Jarosław SzajkowskiTax Manager – Tax AdviserE: jszajkowski@asbgroup.eu

VAT in distance selling (B2C) – current rules

The distance sale plays an increasingly important role in economic turnover. Its popularity among entrepreneurs results from the possibility of the reduction of fixed costs arising from the maintenance of stationery stores while increasing the extent of potential consumers. During the lockdown introduced due to the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic, the distance sale saved a significant […]

Polish Minister of Finance explanations on cash register receipts classified as simplified invoices

The possibility of issuing simplified invoices (so-called receipt with TIN) was introduced in 2013 and since then many taxpayers’ doubts have grown around them. Recent changes to regulations and growing doubts as to their application have prompted the Minister of Finance (MF) to issue on 20 October 2020 tax clarifications in this regard. A simplified […]

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