Quick Fixes in Poland

Please be informed that in Poland from 1 July 2020 with respect to the intra-Community supply of goods (hereinafter: “ICS”) and the right to 0% VAT rate the new VAT regulations so-called „Quick fixes” came into force. These changes follow from an amendment to EU Directive and EU Regulation governing VAT on intra-community transactions. In […]

On 11 June 2020 the Court of Justice of the European Union passed a significant ruling in the Portuguese case C-43/19 (Vodafone Portugal – Comunicações Pessoais SA)

The background of the case The object of Vodafone, a company established in Lisbon (Portugal), is the supply of electronic communications services, fixed telephony, and wireless internet access. In the context of its business activities, Vodafone concludes with its customers services contracts, some of which include special promotions subject to conditions that tie those customers […]

First amendments to the tax provisions as of 1 July 2020

On 28 May 2020 Polish Parliament passed a bill containing: the provisions implementing EU regulations, so-called “Quick Fixes” package (hereinafter referred to as “QF”); the CIT system tightening provisions implementing Council Directive (EU) 2017/952 as regards hybrid mismatches with third countries (hereinafter referred to as: “ATAD 2 Directive”); completion of the transposition of Council Directive […]

Change in the VAT regulations related to the simplification in the import of goods

According to the current provisions of the Polish VAT Act, the preferential VAT settlement directly within the VAT returns is available only for some entities – the entrepreneurs which meet the conditions of the simplified procedure and for the authorized traders so-called AEO. On average, several thousand importers use this option on a monthly basis, mainly large domestic and foreign companies, which can meet the conditions for admission to the simplified procedure […]

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