The obligatory KSeF as of 2024

The EU draft decision issued on June 10, 2022, says that the obligatory KSeF will be implemented in Poland from 2024 at the earliest.

What’s important?

  • the obligation of electronic invoicing will cover all transactions made by taxpayers based in Poland, which currently require issuing an invoice in accordance with the Polish VAT Act;
  • the obligation to use structured invoices will not apply to foreign entities, as well as entities registered for VAT purposes in Poland but without permanent establishment. These taxpayers can continue issuing invoices based on the existing rules (in any electronic or paper form);
  • the voluntary electronic invoicing via KSeF is still possible for all taxpayers.

Having in mind that there is more time to prepare for the obligatory regime, what should be done in the first line?

  • review of data available in ERP/s;
  • gap analysis to check what data additionally must be collected in the accounting software;
  • review of internal procedures such as approval of expenses, purchase invoices, and perhaps set-up of new workflows;
  • testing sending the electronic invoice at the voluntary stage to make sure that everything goes smoothly before 2024;

KSeF is bringing a change in the process of issuing and receiving invoices. E-invoices are prepared based on the invoice template developed by the Ministry of Finance. After issuing the invoice, the document is sent from the financial and accounting system to the central base of the Ministry of Finance (KSeF). Afterward, the e-invoice is available in  KSeF and can be downloaded and saved by the contractor.

What are the potential benefits for entrepreneurs? Look at the list in ASB tax blog dated April 11, 2022:

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