The obligatory KSeF as of 2024

The EU draft decision issued on June 10, 2022, says that the obligatory KSeF will be implemented in Poland from 2024 at the earliest. What’s important? the obligation of electronic invoicing will cover all transactions made by taxpayers based in Poland, which currently require issuing an invoice in accordance with the Polish VAT Act; the […]

The new VAT-R form

Please be informed that from July 1, 2022, the new version of the VAT-R form will come into force – variant 16 – the form necessary for VAT registration purposes. The change is a consequence of, among others amendment to the Polish VAT Act implementing a new type of VAT taxpayer, which from July 1, […]

Poland – Positive ruling of the Supreme Administrative Court with respect to preferential 50% costs

The Supreme Administrative Court in Poland agreed with a taxpayer that royalties from copyrights may be determined as a lump sum. Should you have considered introducing preferential costs amounting to 50% of revenues for creative employees, there has never been a better moment. Please contact our experts who will support you in the preparation of […]

SLIM VAT 3 – changes in value-added tax

The Ministry of Finance presented a package of simplifications in value-added tax so-called SLIM VAT 3 (Simple Local And Modern VAT). Planned changes are divided into 7 areas: impact on the financial liquidity of companies; less formalities in VAT in international trade; extension of the scope of VAT exemptions; changes in VAT settlement; changes in […]

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