Tax calendar for December

To avoid any threat of penalties calculated based on late submissions, or late payments, we summarized the crucial deadlines for December that should be taken into consideration with respect to your business in the Czech Republic: Important dates in December are: 10.12. – Excise duty due date, excluding excise duty on alcohol for October 2021 […]

“The Polish Deal” and changes in the scope of the voluntary disclosure correcting SAF-T with declaration file

How is it now? As of October 1, 2020, the new electronic structure of SAF-T with declaration became effective for VAT taxpayers. The tax obligation provides for electronic submission of VAT settlements in one file, which simultaneously includes two structures – the declaration and the record parts. It means that a taxpayer who is correcting VAT […]

Change in CNB interest rates

The Czech National Bank released another decision to change the interest rates effective from 5 November 2021 as follows: the Lombard rate was increased by 1.25 % to 3.75 %, the Discount rate was increased by 1.25 % to 1.75 %, the two-week repo rate was increased by 1.25 % % to 2.75 %. The two-week […]

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