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The new VAT-R form

Please be informed that from July 1, 2022, the new version of the VAT-R form will come into force – variant 16 – the form necessary for VAT registration purposes. The change is a consequence of, among others amendment to the Polish VAT Act implementing a new type of VAT taxpayer, which from July 1, […]

Tax calendar for May

May Day, love time, but also a very important deadline for an electronic filing of income statements of persons and companies. It applies to persons and companies that are not subject to mandatory audit of financial statements, or their tax returns are not filed by a tax advisor. Even this term, however, may not be […]

Advances provided in foreign currencies – statement of the Supreme Administrative Court

Last year, we informed you about a dispute concerning the duty to revaluate advances for the acquisition of assets paid in foreign currencies. Now, the decision of the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC) is already available, quoting, among other things, the Interpretation of the National Board of Accountants (NBA) I-43 approved in October 2020. The dispute […]

Tax calendar for April

The first day of April is one of the most important dates. On this day is the last chance of the filing of income tax returns and tax payments for the previous calendar year. If the tax return is not submitted electronically, or by the tax advisor and, in addition, legal entities have no obligation […]

Poland – Positive ruling of the Supreme Administrative Court with respect to preferential 50% costs

The Supreme Administrative Court in Poland agreed with a taxpayer that royalties from copyrights may be determined as a lump sum. Should you have considered introducing preferential costs amounting to 50% of revenues for creative employees, there has never been a better moment. Please contact our experts who will support you in the preparation of […]

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