BREXIT – EORI after January 1, 2021

In the case of entities registered in the United Kingdom, having an EORI number was related to transactions with third countries. However, due to the fact that the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union, it will be necessary to have an EORI number for further operation of entities. Therefore, entrepreneurs conducting transactions with European Union Member States should have an EORI number. The lack of this identifier results in stopping the flow of goods.

It should also be noted that companies registered for VAT purposes in the United Kingdom receive an EORI number automatically.

In the case of companies not registered for VAT in the United Kingdom, having an EORI is necessary only in the case of sending goods to European Union Member States. However, if it turns out that an EORI number is necessary, the company must apply for such a number in the EU, as this identifier will not be assigned automatically.

Waiting time for EORI

The EORI number is issued within 30 days in Poland and within 1 week in the United Kingdom.

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