TaxWave – Verify your JPK_V7M file with just one click!

From October, taxpayers are obliged to report a new, extended JPK_V7M. In order to support entrepreneurs and help them reduce tax risk and avoid penalties, our tax, accounting, and IT professionals have created an innovative IT tool, TaxWave.

TaxWave is an innovative IT program that automates the verification and control of JPK_V7M files.

Our program primarily:


• technical and substantive correctness of the JPK_V7M file;

• correctness of marking the transaction with the GTU code, transaction and documentation code;

• correctness of the NIP and EU VAT numbers in the appropriate MF and VIES database;

• the status of a Polish contractor as an active VAT taxpayer, exempt or deregistered, as well as the status of a foreign EU VAT payer;

• contractors’ bank accounts are included in the so-called “White list” of taxpayers with the date of verification.

Allows you to:

• edit JPK files;

• fast check of GTU codes, transaction codes thanks to the built-in Knowledge Base module;

• eliminate repeated structural errors, including reduction of the risk of amount errors, errors in GTU and transaction codes, which translates into minimization of potential penalties of PLN 500 per error;

• JPK_FA analysis in relation to GTU and transaction code markings entered in JPK_V7M.


• legible report with an indication of any irregularities;

• additional report for tests from the JPK_FA file;

• letters to the Tax Office notifying on making a transfer to an unregistered account on the so-called “White list” of taxpayers;

• correction of JPK files.

Learn more here:

Would you like to check how the program works? Send us your JPK_V7M, and we will check its technical and substantive correctness for free, and as a result, we will present to you what errors it contains. Take advantage of our support and be rest assured that whatever you send complies with the regulations.

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