The new version of the SAF-T_Invoice (4) structure!

What’s important

  • a new logical structure was published in the electronic form of tax books and accounting documents, concerning the Standard Audit File for VAT invoices – SAF-T_Invoice (4);
  • it applies from April 1, 2022;
  • informative brochure on the new version of the new VAT structure – SAF-T_Invoice (4) was published on the MF website including basic questions and answers about the introduced changes.

The publication of a new version of the scheme and brochure for the new structure of VAT invoices results from the necessity to adapt it to the current legal regulations. A detailed list of changes in relation to the previous version of the SAF-T_Invoice (4) structure is included in point 13 of the brochure (only the Polish version).

If you are interested in the topic, please contact our IT and tax experts:

Piotr Gzik
IT Director

Anna Szafraniec
CEE VAT Compliance Director

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